one-to-one class taught by Chinese teacher
Content: Teaching students some common roots, prefixes and suffixes. And helping students to remember lots of TOEFL vocabularies. Meanwhile, students will learn effective methods to remember more TOEFL vocabularies.
Writing: one-to-one class taught by Chinese teacher
Content: In accordance with the specified test requirement, teachers provide skills training and practical training from the sentence to the article.
Reading: one-to-one class taught by foreign teacher
Content: improving reading ability, focusing on reading comprehension, and explaining the TOEFL tests
Speaking and listening: one-to-one class taught by foreign teachers
Content: In class, foreign teachers will teach students the skills of TOEFL listening and speaking. And students can make great progress in their listening and speaking abilities.
TOEFL Practice Exams: students will have TOEFL practice exams on computer. After the exam, our teachers will analyze the students’ exams. And according to the result, we will work out a proper training plan of TOEFL study for the students.

Training results:
Our school has had TOEFL training courses since 2005.
One-to-one and follow-up training system is our school's distinguishing feature . This system not only affects students' classes, but also attaches great importance to the students' effects of self-study and implementation of working tasks. With the help of this training system, a number of junior high school students have gotten a high TOEFL scores. Among these students, a student called Ziqing Wang, whose TOEFL exam was 106, had been accepted by twenty top American high schools. And another student called Zhunan Qu, got 116 in TOEFL exam in 2008.
In 2009, a student called Yi Liu, whose TOEFL score was 117, had been accepted by Bard College and Columbia University which offered him full scholarship.
We provide our students one-to-one course and lesson review plan according to their practical study abilities. We also offer the students some valuable information about schools and some advice about applying schools based on the students' academic performance  and synthetic performance.

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