AP, the abbreviation of Advanced Placement, is university prerequisite course.
According to the survey conducted by the Advisory Board of America University, AP has been generally regarded as the basis for the students to be accepted by the American
University. Therefore, for a large number of universities, AP has become one of the considerations to enroll new students. At the same time, AP exam has been held by 80 countries around the world. The United Kingdom , Canada , Australia and other countries have used it as one of the main conditions for granting scholarships.


AP course has a wide range of knowledge and intensive knowledge points. In order to reach AP examination requirements, students should have systematic and coherent learning, together with the guidance of experienced teachers.
In order to get satisfying AP results, taking part in the
classes before exam to receive the instruction of AP
teachers is an effective method.

School offers the following AP courses

1 : English Literature
2 : United States History
3 : Biology
4 : Physics B
5 : Chemistry
6 : World History

Training results:
Students with the ability to learn AP usually have strong learning capabilities. All courses are taught by foreign teachers, who have the academic background and the teaching experience as well as enough AP test skills. More than 50 students have accepted the training program. Among them, Yi Liu, who passed eight subjects in 2009 with 7 subjects full mark and one subject 4 points, was accepted by Bard College and Columbia University which offered him full scholarship.

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