reading course taught by foreign teachers

1: Refer to American original reading textbooks, and taught by American teacher one to one.

2: There are six levels and each of them has about 2000 vocabularies.
Our reading articles touch on various fields   such as American history, nature science and mythology. With the help of this course, students can improve their reading abilities and enlarge their vocabularies. It is also very significant to improve students' abilities of speaking and knowledge application. 

3: Our school's reading textbooks are American Primary and Secondary schools textbooks. Because they are the system of American teaching, they play a very important part in SSAT and SAT's reading part.

4: They are the supplement of English teaching for our Primary and Secondary schools' students which can improve students' grammar knowledge and test abilities and emphasize students' reading accumulation, reading comprehension, listening, speaking and their abilities of knowledge application.


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